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ICS Ep2: Exploring Astrology and Time Magic with Catherine Grubb
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In this episode BJ Swain interviews professional astrologer Catherine Grubb. We
discuss traditional and Hellenistic astrology, astrological remediation, the Saturn
Return, and then take a detour into tesseract magic, weird space/time experiences,
and Thelemic Egyptian Witchcraft.

Please visit Catherine's website:

Saturn remediations referenced can be found at:
ICS Ep2 on AnchorFM
ICS Ep1: Exploring Abramelin and the HGA with Sarah Clark
Our first episode! BJ Swain interviews Sarah Clark on her experience with the Abramelin
retreat, how she got there and what working with her Holy Guardian Angel and the
demons has been like since completing it.
ICS Ep1 on AnchorFM
Catherine Grubb (they/them) is a professional astrologer
and practicing occultist. Cat specializes in merging
traditional hellenistic astrological techniques with animist,
psychological storytelling to help clients see how the stars
act as a choir singing the stories playing out in their lives.
Their magical work intertwines Thelema, Greco-Roman
deity work, and witchcraft.
ICS Special 1: A Season with the Holy Guardian Angel a Class with Sarah
We did not run an episode on April 25th because we were wrapping up some work
on a new book, which hopefully you'll enjoy once it's out. But we did not want to go
the whole week with no episode. So to give you something to listen to we pulled out a
class Sarah taught previously on the Holy Guardian Angel at William Blake Lodge.
She gave us permission to use it and we think you'll enjoy it with as many people told
us how much they liked the interview with Sarah.
ICS Special 1 on AnchorFM
ICS Ep3: Exploring Pentacles and the PGM with Alison Chicosky
In this episode BJ Swain interviews professional pentacle maker and Greek Magical
Papyri scholar, Alison Chicosky. We discuss growing up with witchcraft, exploring
the Greek Magical Papyri, and making the pentacles of Solomon. We also spend
some time talking about approaching magic as a real source of real results and good
business practices for occultists!

Please visit Alison's website:

The forum for Magical Papyri practice and study can be found on Facebook at:
Alison Chicosky is a scholar of magic, including
Solomonic, the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the
PGM and has experience in Hermetic magic,
energy work, and traditions of journeying with
spirit allies. She is the proprietor of Practical
Occult (www.practicaloccult.com) where she sells
pentacles and other enchanted hand made items
drawn from her study of ancient arts.
ICS Ep3 on AnchorFM